Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Neither one of the schools I have to navigate through to get home from the pool was in session today - clear sailing!! Although through pea soup fog. My swim was better. I forgot my inhaler but I did use the counter and yep, I am off the mark but more on it than yesterday so it's just a matter of counting, tracking and not fucking around. I can do it. I also did not pop out of the pool and run into the shower. I took my time and stopped and chatted and so, when I got to the car, I was not gasping for breath. I was breathing hard but not gasping. So, Victory.

I started two audio books last night. One had dramatic music behind the reader - er, no thanks. And the other was just too angst ridden for my taste. I often check out audiobooks from the library but when the library doesn't have them, I buy them from Audible.Com. Audible has this great feature... you can return any book you don't like. So I am currently 'chatting' with them to return the two books. Done. So love those people.

Now I have to find a new book to start tonight. Which one, which one...

My new TiVo Mini is out for delivery. That should be fun to get all set up and see if it will work for what I need.

I just heard a story on NPR about the SuperBowl hype. I honestly thought we were being pelted unfairly because of the Seahawks being in it but it sure sounds like the unrelenting hype is being shared nationwide. Interesting.

Time for my pre-day-day-before-the-big-game's-eve breakfast - which will not be blue and green.
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