Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Old tech. Ugh.

So... my swimming pal, Julie, came onto the pool deck this morning gunning right for me... 'Tell me about music players for the water!!' She had done enough research to be cornfused.

It turns out the only real choice is color. Which color of iPod Shuffle do you want.

There are a million (well, 25ish) waterproof mp3 players out there and I bought and tried every one of them in order to avoid anything that required iTunes. All were total fails. Some didn't work as described but most weren't loud enough and only lasted about a month or so.

Those that were totally dead I put into a shoebox when I finally caved and got the iPod Shuffle. They have been in that shoebox now for more than a year.

I told Julie all of this and she wanted the shoebox. She's a big recycler so it didn't surprise me. And, honestly, I'm glad to send those lame ducks to a new pond.

I thought, since it is her birthday tomorrow, I'd try to get at least one set up - fully charged with some podcasts and some music on it. That turned out to be non trivial. I could get some charged but then the computer wouldn't recognize them so no way to add any content. I got one recognized but the sound was so bad it wasn't worth even trying. I finally found a cable that had a little more ooomph and got one charged with some content. Whew. I added a couple of different kinds of waterproof headphones and put all the stuff in a bag with a bow.

She'll be at early morning swim tomorrow so I'll take it to her then. I suspect she'll pull her hair out trying to make any of them work well enough but 1. She has TONS of hair (a big, beautiful curly mop o' hair) and 2. She knows (cause I told her) that the only real option is the iPod Shuffle.

Deliver me from old tech. I admire anyone who has the patience to deal with it. I sure don't.


In other swim news, I have slowed down and my swimming is taking up more lung than it was.

I used to wear a counter and would do 36 laps (72 lengths - a mile) in about 55 minutes. I stopped using the counter and just started swimming for 55 minutes. Today I put the counter back on and, turns out, I'm only doing 31 laps in that 55 minutes. And when I get out of the pool, I'm huffing and puffing. By the time I get showered and dressed and to the car, I'm gasping.

So... Counter goes back into play every day. Let's see if I can get my mile back. And, I'm going to start using my 'as neededed' inhaler every day before I hit the water. Let's see what all that's going to do!
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