Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today is a blank slate. Nothing I have agreed to do or need to do. The laundry is done and even the trash/garbage is mostly down in the dumpsters. I've got plenty of good food in the house. All is organized and under control. It's a wonderful way to face the day.

I will go swimming at 11.

This time next week my brother will be here. I'm deliberately not making big plans. Just lists. I think a lot of what he wants to do is get away and experience urban. He and his wife live in the same building that houses his PC repair business. While it's quite handy and economical, he has said that not having any place to completely get away and wind down, does get to him now and again. And he loves the urbanity. Just walking around 'experiencing the city feel'. There is a lot of experiencing to be hand on foot out my front door. It will be nice for him to just head out on his own and find what he can find and see what he can see.

So I'm just making lists of ideas and suggestions. I've got a good start. I'm looking forward to spending some good visiting time with him.

I am also looking forward to the Super Bowl being in the rear view mirror. I'm really weary of the the Seahawks being the reason for or the cause of every single tweet and fart in this town. I'll be relieved when it is over. Win or lose, I suspect come Wednesday of next week, there will be a rally of some sort. If they lose, it will likely have no impact here but if they win... while it won't send 200,000 people to my neighborhood like it did last year, there might be some impact. I'm ready and I will use it to mark the many Seahawks free months ahead.
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