Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Hair cut, that is. I am now good for at least 6 weeks and probably 8. Yeah!!

I've been noodleing this range conundrum as kind of a macro puzzle.

There was a time in my life (my work life) when making the impossible happen was my job and I did it and did it well. Once I had to get a full set of brand new high end golf clubs for presentation at a breakfast meeting. I learned of the assignment at midnight before the breakfast at 8. I was in a town I knew little about - Toronto - that was not even in my home country. I got it done.

I've gotten meeting equipment fixed/replaced/functional at lightening speed in adverse circumstances surrounded by people (some of them the fixers) saying it was not possible to do.

I've gotten printed copies of last minute speech changes when no one else could even find a working printer.

I've organized a last minute press conference - again in a city I didn't know, dealing with press I didn't know at a venue I had to pick with 3 hours lead time.

And, all of the above was done long before the internet. Now, most of it hardly seems daunting. At the time, however, it really was.

This range situation is a mobius strip of failure with no simple fix and I have neither the clout nor the resources to ensure a successful fix. But mainly and mostly, I chose not use that time and energy on other things.
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