Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I'm having an argument with me about getting my haircut today. I astounds me more and more why getting my hair cut is such a big deal to me every time. I never regret getting it done but getting there is always such an internal tussle. It's stupid. Really.

Today I am getting a new set of pans. Via UPS. They won't be here, likely, until early afternoon at the earliest. So I think after I have some breakfast, I'm just goign to go get the hair cut and get it behind me for the next 6-8 weeks.

The Electrolux disappointment continues. I got an email response to 'give me a brand/model number of pans that will work'. The email included the user manual and said I should read pages 7-9 and that if a magnet sticks to a pan it will work.

So. Electrolux and their repair Tech don't agree with each other. The Tech isn't going to fix anything unless he gets an error code to tell him what to fix. Electrolux isn't going to fix anything period.

I'll test out these new pans and send the result with the above info, to the people who sold me the stove. I will also write to the head of Electrolux because I think when you pay for a name like Electrolux, you should get a premium product and service. Not a he said/she said with no workable answer.

And then I think I'll move on with my life.

But, first, there will be breakfast.
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