Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The deed is done - buh bye Discover

When the Discover Card was launched in the mid-80's I jumped on it and have been a loyal customer ever since. There are places that still don't accept it but most places do. I've used it to auto pay bills for years. I've reaped the benefits of cash back every month. Their customer service used to be superior. You'd call the 800 number and there was no telephone tree. Even a couple of years ago, you'd call and get a real person who always was very friendly, personable, respectful and helpful.

And then, one time I called and got a telephone tree. And then the next time I called I got a telephone tree and a bitch. And so it's gone... down down down. They have, for a while been pretty bad about making sure the USPS stayed in business. I get more junk mail from them than anyone else. I raised a stink a few years back and it stopped. And now it's started again. I complained again and this time got a 'meh' response.

Meanwhile... A few years ago I bought something big on Amazon and took their 'save a bundle on this order' bait and got one of their Chase credit cards. It has cash back - 3% on your Amazon orders, 2% on some other stuff and 1% on everything else. I order a LOT O' Shit from Amazon. Their online card info is on par with Discover - easy to see, check, etc.

I can go to their site and click on 'pay bill' and pay even more than the bill is (I like to pay the current charges and the pending charges that I know are valid - I like getting the balance to 0.) Discover won't let you do that.

Oh and the payment is credited to the account the next day. Discover takes 2 or 3 days.

Gradually, I've been using my Amazon Chase Visa more and more. And today, I went into all my recurring bills - TV cable, internet, cellphone, etc. And moved them from Discover to Chase.

The down side is that my Discover card is good until 2018 but the Chase one expires this coming September. That's going to be a PIA BUT... maybe not a bad thing - in fraud protection.

I think I can safely now, remove the Discover card from my wallet. We've had a good run but it's time to move on.
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