Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I found the most fun webcam last night in New York City on 5th Avenue. I found it so I could watch the snow. It's on some kind of timer so that it moves around with a different view every 5 minutes or so. It's on 5th avenue at an intersection about 5 blocks from where we lived in the early 70's. It was fun to watch as the traffic totally disappeared.

While I was watching the snow, I realized that the T-Fal cookware that is not working on my range is a set I bought on Amazon and they might take it back for at least a partial refund. So I wrote them an email explaining that I had been using it but that it had been declared not good enough for my range. Within a couple of hours I had a reply that they had refunded my total and sent me a paid shipping label!! Amazon, I totally heart you!!

Then I was noodling how I was going to pack up the set since the box and packing had gone to the recycling bin long ago.

Then I realized that if I ordered new, then I'd have box and packing material to send the T-Fal back in.

So I ordered. This time I will test the pans with water first and send them back if they don't work.

I'll get this figured out one way or the other.

Today is swimming at 11 and a couple of quick errands before or after.

My brother arrives one week from today. My calendar says that my next haircut and my next manicure are due while he is here so I need to get both of those taken care of before he gets here. Maybe Monday?

My manicure has held up exceptionally well. It's the most amazing and delightful thing. Whoever invented this gel deal should get a medal.
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