Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Technology - good news/bad news

For as long as I've had TiVos in different rooms - which has been a really really long time - they have never talked nice to each other. They have, for a long time, had the capability to share programs and send programs from one to another but, in my house, this has always been a theory more than a reality. It always tried to work but never really did well.

Until I set up this MoCA network. And, now, OMG, it works perfectly. Just as it's supposed to. This bodes really really well for the Mini which will be here this week.

The technician came to fix my stove today only to explain to me in great detail why it was working as designed. Sigh.

One of the burners works great. Another two work fairly well and the 4th one barely works at all. He was here for an hour and change and even called Electrolux to confirm and the bottom line is that my cookware isn't "High Quality".

I knew my IKEA stuff that I used on my stand alone burner wasn't good enough so I researched and found a T-Fal induction set and called Electrolux with the model number and they told me it would work fine. Liar liar pants on fire BUT only if they get "High Quality" cookware which, apparently, the T-Fal is not.

The technician did not have a brand/model beyond "It must be High Quality. Call Electrolux." I explained that Electrolux had said the T-Fal would work and he said it wasn't good enough.

SOOOOOOOOO I can send the stove back or keep buying ever increasingly expensive cookware until I fall into this amorphous "High Quality" stuff OR live with it the way it is now.

I'm going with door #3. After all I do LOVE the oven. And it's not like I'm doing restaurant cheffing here. I have sent an email to Electrolux asking them for the brand and model numbers of cookware that they recommend. I'm not hopeful.
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