Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

2nd in the Queue - the perfect position

When I have a broken appliance, my first hope is that it's covered by Appliance Hospital. They have this great thing where I can go to their website and see where exactly I am in their queue today and where my tech is right now in that queue.

My window for getting my new stovetop looked at is 9-12. I just checked the website and learned I'm #2 and he's not at #1 yet so I've got time but won't have to wait too long. Perfect.

It's disconcerting to hear about the blizzard in the east (kind of like super storm Sandy) that is coming and here it is too warm to have the door to the outside closed.

More and more often these days, or rather nights, I dream about working. Different jobs but all of them are interesting and in my dreams I love them. Last night, the job was some kind of sales job and in my dream, I got a big bonus for being a sales leader. In the dream I was delighted but particularly because I loved the job and my customers.

Wild. I had a great career with all kinds of fun jobs but now that I'm retired, I have an even better career in even funner jobs. Pretty funny really.

Time now to get organized and get breakfast so I can clean up the kitchen in time for Slavic15 M.
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