Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

What do you do with all your time?

I get this question a lot. It is now half past noon on a nothing day.

  • 6:30 got up had coffee interneted

  • 8:00 got out of bed and got dressed and started laundry

  • 8:45 made and ate a fabulous omelette

  • 9:45 dug out ethernet cable and reset the networking on the living room TiVo and then set up MoCA networking and then unhooked the wifi adapter from the bedroom TiVo and hooked it up via the new new network. Hit a few glitches. Fixed. Tested. Success!! Patted myself on the back.

  • 10:30 finished the last of the laundry and made up the bed with clean sheets

  • 11:00 washed all the dishes and did some more internetting

  • noon: saw a tweet from yesthatjill about cooking biscuits in muffin tins. dug out a packet of Marie Callendar cheese biscuits and made it up and put them in a muffin tin. Waiting now for the oven to finish preheating.

Oh! oven's ready. Off to make the biscuits.

And then I may take the rest of the day off.
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