Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

What a fun morning!

As I was shedding clothes in the locker room on the way into the water, I checked my phone and there was a text from ljtourist asking about brunch plans. He was all four trying out Roux and I told him I'd pick him up after my swim.

My swim was a half fail. I always know that on Saturday, swimming a mile is iffy. The pool fills up with one-offs - people who rarely swim and so don't 'get' the lane rules. Plus there is one woman who swims an extremely slow backstroke in the center of the lane. She makes sharing said lane incredibly painful. It was already crowded with one guy in my lane who would wait until I got right to the edge before heading out which meant I had to stop every lap. Then the Back Stroke Devil showed up and I declared defeat. I got in a half a mile. It was ok. I keep my expectations low on Saturdays.

Plus I had company for brunch. So I picked up Frank and off we went to find Roux which was in a very weird place with very minimal signage but was oh so cool. The decor is great and the ambiance equally great. The menu looked very promising. My breakfast was perfection - a ham benedict on top of cornbread. The eggs were poached perfectly but the most amazing thing was that the ham was really, actually, certifiably country ham! A lot of restaurants and groceries advertise country ham but none of that ham is actually country ham.

The menu did not mention country ham but my tongue knew the goods. YUM!!! The beignets were also delicious. And the meals of the diners around us also looked wonderful. That place is going to have to suffer repeat visits from me, for sure.

After brunch we went in search of crispy M&M's which Frank had heard were at Walgreens. We found about 10 small packages and cleaned them out. A successful hunt!

Then I dropped Frank back home and came on home myself which turned out to be a bit of an issue. The baseball stadium had Mariners Day and the joint was jumpin' and the lines were long. Also the lines at the exhibition center next door were long with people waiting to get into the boat show. I was actually glad to pull into my garage.

And, here I r. A fun morning full of a fun friend and delicious food find!
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