Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My brother has Dropcam webcams in his PC repair shop in Texas - 2 in the work room and 1 with a view of the driveway. These cams have audio so you can both see and hear what's happening. It's the background to my day every day. I love listening to the chatter, the techs talking to each other and to customers.

On Monday night this week, their firewall software got an upgrade and fucked up the wifi and, so also the Dropcams which went dead silent. They do have one webcam that is not a Dropcam - it's pointed to the retail part of the shop - it was unaffected but it has no sound. While they worked on a variety of different ways to fix the issue, my world was silent. No chatter.

This morning on the way back from the pool, I got a text that the webcams were back up. YEAH!!! It's been a long and silent and a little lonely week.


Nivea has a new body wash with cream for dry skin. My skin itches from September until July. I've tried all manner of fixes and none are really that satisfactory. This Nivea has a most unpleasant smell. I'm not wild about the smell of Nivea lotion but this is worse. And it doesn't lather up. But, I've used it for two days now and it really does seem to make my skin feel soft and less brittlely itchy. So maybe it's a keeper.


I really want to see Jennifer Anniston's new movie Cake. I seriously considering going to see it this afternoon. It's not showing in a convenient theater at a time that works well for me but I might go anyway.
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