Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Measles Parties

In the 50's, we were vaccinated against Measles (Red, not German*), Chicken Pox, Mumps, Scarlet Fever and then Polio. The first three vaccines, I think, only mitigated the diseases cause we still got them. Outbreaks came in waves. Getting actual Chicken Pox, Mumps and Measles was inevitable.

The only control Moms had was when. This control was done in parties. Measles parties, Chicken Pox parties and less popular, Mumps parties. As soon as one of our friends got one of the three, we were sent over there to play in hopes that we'd get infected.

Once you got it and got over it, you were now truly immune. So our Moms wanted us to get it over with.

This sounds so incredible now. It does. But it happened.

Not so much with Mumps because the popular belief was that if your father got Mumps, there would be no more siblings.

I am only 66 years old. Every day someone tells me 'That's not old'. And really it's not but when I think of medical things (like Bobby Adams from 1st grade who got polio and had to live in an iron lung), I feel like I grew up in medieval times.

I'm still reading How to Be A Victorian - I'm still in the clothes section. She describes how fashions progressed through the years. A couple of times, she described fashion trends I know from my grandparents. And then I realize that my grandparents were born during the Victorian era. My grandparents all of whom lived until I was an adult.

That just amazes me. (Not depresses... not at all... just amazes me. I love that I've seen and remember so many things.)

*Red Measles is the measles you hear about today and German Measles is now known more commonly as Rubella


Today I need to do the Goodwill run 1st because I can't see out the back window until I get the stuff dropped off. So I'll do that on the way to the pool. And that's it for today's agenda.
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