Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Done and good

I'm quite taken with my little project. I made pillow shams for bunches of pillows. I hate regular slip cases. I like the kind that tuck in with a foldover on the back. So that's the kind I made.

Here's what the fish bed has looked like for about 10 years. Nice. Really nice. It's always been nearly my favorite place in the house.

Here's what it looks like now!

Probably most people prefer the before BUT not me. I love the color and the plush and, besides, now I have empty storage spots where all those big pillows lived!

I also made two for my own little pillows on my bed. The cover that I've been fighting has gone on the Goodwill pile. I love the print on this duvet but I hate the way duvets and their covers fight each other. I like to sleep under them but I'm not big on how they look on the bed. At least my new pillow shams make me feel better about it all. The duvet cover came with a giant sham which I just divided into two.

They are filming some kind of movie/short/scene thing outside and the access to the garage looks troublesome so I might postpone the Goodwill trip. Maybe I'll take all the shit down to the car and load it up for drop off tomorrow on the way to the pool.

And I need to put the sewing shit away.

And then I may take the rest of the day off.
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