Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Last night Zoey was poking around the computer monitor cat bed. She was poking and poking and wouldn't stop. When I looked she was trying to move the two pillow. So I swapped them and that's what she wanted. She climbed right in and spent the evening up there all snuggled in.

I had another restless night, fighting the covers and temperatures and then my phone stalker decided that 4:30 am was an appropriate time to call and then leave me a message. My phone has a 'leave me alone while I sleep' function. I now have that turned on.

My swim this morning, on the other hand, was better than usual. It cleared out all my head fog and frustrations.

I got onto 6pm website last night and marked the boots defective and that sent me to a different web page where they wanted details so I explained what was wrong and asked them to pay for the return shipping as well as refund all of my money.

A few hours later I got a note from them apologizing and telling me to keep the boots and they would refund all my money. A pretty fair response, I think. Maybe someone with smaller feet can carve the lump out of the sole. I'll either take them to Goodwill or put them on the free shelf downstairs.

I'm still going back to Zappos. The order I placed - with free shipping - yesterday afternoon is on the truck for delivery today.

This morning, after breakfast, I'm going to break out the sewing machine and iron and get those pillows covered.

Then I think it's a trip to Goodwill. My Goodwill pile is getting close to getting more than I can fit in to the car.
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