Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


As I suspected, my swim was wonderful. I felt like I'd been away since forever. Turns out they had a massive flood on Sunday and had to cancel lessons although lap swims happened. One of my best lifeguards who I haven't seen in a really long time was on duty. It was great fun to see her.

My friend, Julie, who has not been to the pool since her breast reduction surgery last October was there!! She swapped what were really two giant watermelons for 2 half oranges and gained 5 inches. I'm not sure why she doesn't fall over backward. She said it was just an amazingly wonderful feeling. It looked like it didn't hurt her swimming either. She's in her mid 40's. I cannot imagine what it was like to carry about those giant things all those years.

The boat show is filling up the football stadium and exhibition space. The parking lot has swapped drunken football fans for boats. There is a gygundo line at the ticket window - I mean it's probably a couple of city blocks long. There are several TV trucks out there. It's a mad house.

On my way home from the pool, I stopped at the fabric store to get the goods for my next project. The afghan of crocheted hexagons is going on the bed in the fish room. And the foofoo throw pillows are going into storage or to Goodwill. I have regular bed pillows stashed everywhere so I pulled them all ot today.

I have one double bed and one single bed in this house. I use two small toddler pillows on my bed. And, yet, I have 10 ... ten ... bed pillows. WTF? So four of those are going to Goodwill and I'm going to make covers for the others and use them on the fish room bed. I'm delighted with the colors.

That's going to be tomorrow's project.

My boots from 6PM arrived and they are a total fail. They are too small which is very strange as I ordered a half size larger than I wear. BUT the big fail is that there is a giant lump in the lining of the left boot. It feels like there's a rock - and not a small pebble - under my foot. I am not impressed. I hope they pay for shipping of defective merchandise but either way, I think I'm done with them.

Back to Zappos. I just placed an order for 5 pair of boots. They will arrive tomorrow and I can return as many as I want for absolutely free. Yeah, they cost more, but overall the experience is way better for me.
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