Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

rough morning

I did nothing yesterday but knit and watch TV so I was not tired when I went to bed. Last night my dreams were frustrating. And I had switched bed covers so I was too hot and too cold all night and then the alarm didn't go off and the Windows computer which serves as my backup alarm had rebooted and needed a login to fire up...I slept an hour and a half longer than I wanted.

Even though that makes no difference - I have nowhere to go for a couple of hours - it gave the day a very grouchy start.

I had written to my eye doctor's office. I do not have vision insurance and did not want my appointment to be coded as vision check so I wrote to ask how to ask for an appointment so that it would not be billed as a vision check. The email reply was waiting for me this morning. Her answer was to call my insurance and their billing department. Not one single bit helpful.

Then NPR had a story about how underfunded the IRS is and how now that it's tax season, they will only be able to answer a small percentage of phone calls. So when I look up the status of my the amended return they received in August of 2014 and it tells me to call them, I need to understand that is not an option. There are no options. Who knows when I will see that $400 refund and the $100 I paid the CPA is just out of pocket.

Oh and my brother's webcams were updated by the service and never came back up.

How many first world annoyances can we pile up for one morning????

I will be oh so very glad to get to the pool this morning.
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