Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


On any given Seahawks homegame, the noise starts a couple of hours before the game and sustains until about 30 minutes or an hour after. As we get closer to the SuperBowl the noise starts earlier and lasts longer and is louder. But yesterday was very different.

Before the game, the skies opened up and dumped massive amounts of water with gusty wind whipping it around with a little thunder and lightening. The crowds needed all their energy to get to the stadium and totally forgot to yell or were just drowned out.  Then the game started and there was a little noise and then there was dead silence for about 3 hours. I mean it sounded exactly like it does for an away game. It was almost eeie. I  I watched another documentary and Downton Abbey.

And then I figured I'd flip over to the game and watch the end of the Seattle season. And then they took the lead and then they tied and then they won - all in about 30 minutes.

The sound level went from funereal to frenetic like someone flipped a switch. And the yelling and screaming and horn honking and police whistling and sirens were still going fairly strong when I went to sleep about 10:30.

In the lull I considered making a run to the grocery store. Even earlier, I toyed with the idea of going to the pool. I was exceedingly glad I did not do either.

So. Now we have two weeks of faux (most of them) and real football fans saying stupid shit and doing stupid shit on TV, on radio, on the street, in conversations... Oh well.

My neighborhood will get a couple of weeks off. Then, if they win the SuperBowl, that next week will likely bring a giant day long rally. The up side of that is that my brother will be here and it will be fun for him to see.

I did manage to get all the laundry done yesterday. Wash, dried, folded and put away.

It will be quiet around here today. I need eggs but not enough to make a special trip - I can get them tomorrow after swimming. So it will be a bear knitting day. I'm making good progress on this month's batch. Once I get about 18-20 done, I will feel free to work on other stuff for a bit, I think.
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