Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


As usual, I'm off to the pool. Today is the last swim until Tuesday because the pool is closed for MLK Day. Here's hoping for a clear hour swim without idiots in my way but Saturdays are always iffy so whatever.

And then, today, I think I'll treat myself to brunch someplace. Probably Smith because I haven't had their brisket in a while and I'm hungry enough this morning to handle it and I can easily pick up a few things at the grocery stores in the same few blocks.

Then, I think, it will be home until the Seahawks madness is over in my own neighborhood.

I remembered last night that I have only a week before my free Hulu Plus subscription expires. They have some documentaries I've wanted to see so I queued them up and started watching them last night. I'll finish them off this weekend and then cancel.
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