Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Electrolux is sending out a technician. And, hallelujah, the technician is from Appliance Hospital. They have fixed my dryer, my washer, my dishwasher and I love them. They are lovely to deal with and they have tracking. They give you a 3 hour window BUT the day of the appointment, you can go to their website and follow your technician! You can see what call he's on, how many calls he has, where you are in the queue. It's amazingly cool. They gave me an appointment for next Wednesday.

About an hour later, the Appliance Hospital called to say that next Wednesday was booked solid and I'd have to wait until the following Monday or a cancellation. No big deal really. The thing works, just not as good as I think it should. So I'm all set.


Yesterday on Twitter gfrancie mentioned a book that sounded interesting - Ruth Goodman's How to Be a Victorian: A Dawn-to-Dusk Guide to Victorian Life. I went to the library but all they had was paper books. No Kindle. So I downloaded the free preview from Amazon and pretty much got hooked. I haven't bought it yet but I probably will. Already in the preview, I learned some fascinating stuff.

On Audible, I'm listening to John Grisham's latest Grey Mountain. Sometimes his books suck me in and captivate me and sometimes they do not at all and so just piss me off because they don't. (I am not a forgiving reader.) This one is a suck me in one. I only have 50 minutes left and I'm not ready to give up the story yet.


My neighbors across the way replaced their 12 flag today. A good thing, too, cause that old one was all faded and just an embarrassment to the neighborhood. I'm trying to be open minded about it all and understand that the mob fever will pass by Monday or after the SuperBowl and let them have their fun.

If it was regular Happy For My Team stuff, it would be fine. But the local TV news is one giant pep rally and 95% of the town has just donated their brain cells to the cause.

I can't help but think how valuable and productive all that passion and energy would be turned on something worthwhile - like housing the homeless, feeding the hungry, curing AIDS or just making the world a more peaceful place.
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