Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Holy Gelishious Goodness!!

My swim turned out to be weird and short. I was two loops in, when the pool manager came to the side of the pool and asked me to stop in her office when I was done. ???????  We have never spoken face to face. We wave when I come in if she's in her office. We swap emails when I write to tell her what great things her life guards have done. But she's never called me into her office.

So, of course, that would have been I could think about except my goggles kept leaking. I mean really leaking. I started thinking yesterday that maybe it was time to retire this pair. And I should have because today they were horrible. Plus, I had the nail appointment for 12:30 so if I swam my usual time, and chatted with Barb, I'd be late. And those freakin goggles were making me nuts. So I made it a half mile swim.

Turns out Barb wanted to ask me about volunteering - specifically serving on this one park committee. I told her that I was wild about the pool and pool activities but not so much the other stuff. She's going to get me more info. I told her that I'd look it over and let her know. But, meanwhile, if she ever needed an extra hand to ask. I promised I'd tell her no if it didn't suit. It was a lovely conversation. And I was so glad that she asked for it.

I got to the nail appointment early, actually. But no one was there so it was fine.  And the end result was way better than fine. It's a nice, clean, quiet shop with no TV blaring and light classical music playing softly. And the manicurist was a total non-chatterer. She didn't even tell me her name. Just the bare basics. Which was heaven.

But, this gel stuff? HOLY AMAZEBALLS!  The very worst part about getting a manicure, is not the blaring TV and not the innane chatter, the worst part is after the manicure is done and you have to sit there and not move. Or hold your hands in front of a fan for-freakin-ever. And afer you finish that torture, you still gouge at least one nail before you get home.  This gel stuff is cured by putting your nails under magic lights for less than 90 seconds. And the polish is dry and perfect instantly. So much so that she rubbed hand lotion into my hands and nails and massaged my hands and nails after they were done.

Heaven. Perfection.  I picked a not great color because all the great colors looked too much like a Seahawks manicure. But, there's always next time. I am now a regular manicure's bitch.

I'm so delighted. My nails look wonderful. 
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