Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Stinky!! redeux

When I first got my new oven, they had me turn it on bake for 20 minutes and then broil for 20 minutes and, man, there is little more stinky than an oven that is used for the first time. Little except an oven being hot cleaned for the first time.

The last time I bought a new stove, I waited until it was really dirty before I turned on the clean function. OHHHH so wrong. The fumes, then, were so bad that I had to go sit outside on the terrace. Happily it was not January. So this time, my plan was to do the first clean before it got dirty. I meant to do it yesterday and forgot. I did not want to do it, for the first time, when I'm not here or sleeping.  So I'm doing it now. It takes 3 hours. I started it at 6:30. It's now 8 and it's stinky but not Leave The Premises stinky... yet.

One extremely cool thing about this oven is how not hot on the outside it gets. Even when it's on full bake at 400 degrees, the outside of the door is cool to the touch. COOL to the touch. It's so amazing. This means I will be able to bake potatoes in August!! That is pretty huge. I did not know this was even possible. Very impressive.

Today is swimming at 11 and manicure at 12:30. I'm second guessing the manicure. I hate the idea of sitting there that long not being able to use my hands - and paying money to do it. I may yet call and cancel the appointment.
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