Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Living on the edge

So my boots that I've had forever are dying. I wear these suckers every time I leave the house from November through about March. They have served me well but I have known that this was their last winter. So tonight I got onto Zappos and found about 4 pair that were possibles.  But they all seemed so expensive to me $60-80. Not really expensive, I know but I think because I didn't love any of them, they seemed that way.

Then I remembered Zappos bargain basement 6pm. So I went there and found several possibles all in the $25 range. The problem is returns. With Zappos, I can order all 4 and send back 3 or 4 if none are perfect. No harm/no foul (or fowl).  But 6pm doesn't have the free return so it's way more of a gamble.

But, what the heck. I found two pair and tossed a coin and ordered one. They don't have to fit perfectly so I think I'll probably be ok.

A new tote arrived today - it's mesh with lots of pockets - for back and forth to the pool. Stuff does not dry as well in the winter months and my old bag was beginning to get kinda moldy.

In other retail news, I got a new cat bed for Zoey and she's not crawling into it all the time like she normally would. She tried it as you can see in this photo but mostly she keeps her butt outside and her head on the pillows inside. Weird. So finally tonight I investigated... It came with a stand that ended up pitching it to far upward and without the stand, it wobbles. It needed two 1/2 to 3/4" high 'feet'. Then I remembered that I had some Silly Putty in a drawer. Dug it out and ... perfect.

But, here's the embarrassment-of-riches-hoaderish admission... There was actually several eggs of Silly Putty in the drawer and one was that exact shade of baby blue.

So now it's all sturdy and she's now currently lying right next to it - sigh.  Oh well. I love how it looks up there and she'll curl up in there sooner or later. She goes in to get the treats so it's just a matter of time.
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