Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I forget to be grateful for my cataracts.

I had perfect vision until I hit 45 and then I got old age eyes and couldn't see without readers. I had cheap, drugstore glasses all over the house. Then I did contacts - one eye close vision, one eye far vision. And then I got cataracts.

I had one beginning one and one ready to come out one. I signed up to have the bad one removed.

I remembered well when my grandmother had her cataracts removed in the 70's. She was not allowed to move her head for something like a week. No sneezing or coughing allowed at all.  It was gruesome and terrifying. I was afraid she would sneeze and die. They have since made some changes.

There was about a week of eye drop prep and then, one morning, it was knife time. They didn't knock me all the way out but I remember nothing. My eye felt kind of gritty for the first 24 hours and then... VOILA! I could see out of it! Perfectly. They put in a replacement lens for far vision.

For the first time ever, I saw that they were running the pitching speed in that tiny box at the top of the TV in baseball games! Who knew??!!

In a month I went back and begged to have the other one done. For reasons I never noodled out, I really had to beg. That doctor was not into it. But, she finaly relented and this time put the replacement lens in for near vision. Again, gritty for a day and then, pefection.

That was about 3 years ago. I need nothing now to see everything I want. I can read fine print, I can read Chuck Lorre's vanity cards that he slaps up at the end of his sitcoms.

It's really amazing and I really do forget to be grateful.  I went for a checkup last year and the doctor spotted some early signs of macular degineration which runs rampant through my family.  So I need to remember to be grateful for all I can see now and for as long as I can see.  
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