Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Not happy with idiots

Again some random dude has matched my phone number with my webcam and feels compelled to call and tell me he can see. He's calling some some very loud place - sounds kind of like a call center.  He can't hear me say that I am fully aware that I have a webcam available to the public. (I don't need to answer the phone.)

Again some random people think that this personal journal is a little piece of social media where they should feel free to leave disrespectful, stupid and offensive anonymous comments (which I delelete).

Yes, I can eliminate these things by securing the webcams with passwords and removing the ability to leave anonymous comments from this journal and someday I might. It is interesting that these things go in waves. Hopefully, they will both soon wave away.


Anita will be here in a bit to cook me up some delicious. Swimming will be at 11.
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