Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


In making up my list of fun restaurants to try while my brother was here, I found two new (to me) brunch places that are not horribly out of the way and that open at 9 on weekends (instead of 10 and 11 like so many places - too late for me). I've been needed new brunch options.

My restaurant list is already too long. He's only going to be here for 5 days. Oh well.

Swimming was good this morning. An old regular was back after a long absence. She works out with the Masters group but her background is water ballet and sometimes between laps or when she's done, she'll do some dance maneuvers in the middle of the pool. Fascinating to watch.

Nothing much on the agenda today. I need to make sure the freezer has lots of room for Anita tomorrow but that's about the only thing on the todo list. I still revel in having so many wonderful nothing days.
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