Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

oventop research

My new stovetop is not performing like it should. This morning's omelette took way too long. I had the heat turned all the way up and it was cooking but not on fire like it should have been.

I finally got out pans today and did a test. The two left side 'burners' perform ok. The two right side burners not nearly as well. Pretty much the same results using a high end pan, an IKEA pan and an el cheapo. Boiling the same amount of water.

So, crap.

In order to get the $100 rebate offered, the store guy dated my invoice next Thursday. I feel guilty enough about that. I do not want to call the warranty people and get tangled up in a web of lies about purchase dates. So I am going to wait until Friday to call and I really feel guilty about that. I'll bet those electronics are failing off my guilt.

If Anita has issues on Tuesday when she comes to cook, I can always drag out the tabletop induction burner. I know it works and fast.

I do hope I'm not setting up for a cruise down Lemon Stove Lane. At least the oven is far exceeding expectations.


Hmmmmm I just read a review on an appliance testing site that described the same results I'm getting. Seems like the burner I was using this morning is the slowest/coolest. Maybe some more testing is needed with actually cooking food. Maybe it's not so bad that I need to wait before calling. Maybe also good that Anita will be able to test before I can call.

Clearly I lowered the doom/gloom lever ahead of its time.
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