Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Blast from the past

In the early 90's there was a great TV channel called ZDTV and they had lots of tech tv shows and my favorite was The Screensavers. I videotaped it every day and would watch it the minute I got home from work. There were maybe a dozen regulars on that show and would have been the stalker of each of them had I been in San Francisco. The main host of the show was Leo Laporte.

ZDTV was turned into TechTV and The Screensavers and most of the regulars survived. And I watched every day.

Then TechTV got bought by Comcast and turned into G4 and fairly quickly turned The Screensavers and the rest of the good content to crap. The regulars scattered. One of them, Megan Marrone, ended up working for my boss - we were both vendors at Microsoft and our boss worked our contracts and paid us. She lived in California but I did allow myself one OMGI'MSUCHAFAN email and got a gracious reply.

Leo Laporte had a radio show on Saturdays and then started doing video podcasts and I followed. And he grew until he had a little network which has now grown to a fairly good sized network of a bunch of shows and people called TWIT. They stream online and via a bunch of programs and applications.

I watch a number of their shows regularly - especially tech news. Today they announced some staff changes and a new member added to the team to host the afternoon tech news show... Megan Marrone!!

I'm ridiculously jazzed about this. She starts Monday. I can't wait. (Plus she's replacing one of my non-favorites so double yeah!)
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