Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Electrical short

The electrician that the designer hired to put in my ceiling lights 2 years ago never filed the appropriate paperwork with the City Inspection Department. The building manager here handed me a document a couple of weeks ago from the City declaring the failure.

The electrician's name is on it and my address. I didn't hire the guy and I didn't pay him. The designer hired him and paid him. But, I'm pretty sure, I'm on the hook with the City.

I called the city guy today and, turns out, he's the poster boy for Government Bureaucrat Week. Fortunately, I realized his quickly and was as nice as your favorite piece of pie. But the reality is that without the help of that asshole electrician, this is a giant pile of electrical shit.

My guess is that he (the electrician) can probably solve the whole thing in a phone call or by signing a form. But, this guy has turned out to be a major piece of non-work. He promises the moon and delivers squat.

The designer has moved to London.



I had a little go-round with my horrible knitting project before I left for the pool and there is a tad bit of forward project. I've halted abandonment plans for now.


I did some fun stuff swimming today. I have just been doing a mile of what we used to call American Crawl. I don't even vary my pace much - 1 mile in about 50-55 minutes. I mean to try intervals and forget. But I did better today and worked with some arms only and legs only. As long as I'm in there, I might as well make the most of it.


The fucking electrician just called to say that he and the city inspector will be here tomorrow to get this done. I will believe it when I am closing the door with a 'thanks for coming by'.


My brother and exchanged some Google+'s today about how we are both glad that we gave CES the skip this year. He pointed out something pretty big that I had forgotten. Our feet are oh so grateful.

That convo got us to thinking about other getting together options and I think we may have settled on his coming here for a few days in February! This would be outfuckingstanding. He's checking his and the airlines' schedule but my fingers are crossed.
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