Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Ugh. I just got a note from Amazon that the guy who bought my ASUS Transformer wants to return it. 'Thought it was Windows.' PIA. But, ok. I'll just list it again when it gets back here. Down $12 for the shipping to Mr. Thought It Was Windows. Oh well.

Today is a hardware and software day...

The hardware is the new stove. Tomorrow morning, the new induction top/convection oven stove will be delivered first thing. So today I need to clear out the storage drawer and get ready to do a fast sweep between old stove and new. Zoey will be thrilled at all the new cat toys we find, I bet. For a couple of years now, I've been using an induction burner on top of the the stove. It will be nice to put that away and go back to an uncluttered surface. Oh and I want to time test boiling water on the burner so I can compare on the new cooktop. Two things I'm looking forward to are even faster burner reaction and faster oven preheat.

The software is that damn knitting pattern. After I gave up last night, but before I totally abandoned, I found a phone app that isolates and tracks the various steps. I think I'm going to give it one more go before I officially declare defeat. I'm about at the place where if I do conquer it, I will be less 'Yeah!' and more 'Thankgod that's over'. I need to divorce my self esteem from this!

The weather has warmed up considerably. Today might be a good day to clean the leaves off the terrace.

Swimming will be at 11 today. I'm particularly looking forward to stretching out after spending so much of yesterday crunched over that stupid pattern.
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