Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My twitter and google plus stream are all about CES and it's helping to make me feel better about my decision to skip this year. I'm glad to be here instead. I miss the visit with my brother but there was a chance he would be bringing his wife this year and that would have sufficiently hosed up the dynamic anyway. And, even when you factor in the new stove, I'm still saving a bundle by not going so that's kind of helping, too.

One tweet kind of nailed it for me. Father Robert - a tech guy I follow - reported that the exhibition floor was flooded this year with selfie sticks.  Yeah, no thanks.

Swimming this morning was good. No Januaries. Not even some of the regulars. My favorite lifeguard, Sophie, has taken over the morning shift on Mondays and Wednesdays. That makes my morning swims way more fun.

After this entry and after my breakfast, I'm going to tackle my new knitting. Yesterday I ripped it out and started over so many times, I lost count.  If I can just get the first 12 row repeat done, I think it will go better but getting past row 6 is kicking my butt. So Row 6 is my goal today.

No word on my amended tax refund - I sent an email to my CPA asking if there was anything I could do. And no word on my Social Security application. I have ticked mid January to kick tracking that into high gear. I'm not scheduled to get the first payment until March but I don't want to get to March and be all like where's the cash, dudes only to discover that something hinked up that will take months to unhink.  Dealing with the federal government is some kind of painful.
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