Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

What day is it?

I am retired. All days are the same. Well, Sundays are different because I don't swim on Sundays. But weekends/weekdays - all the same and yet, I still feel, strongly, that today is the Saturday after Monday. It's disconcerting and more so because it makes no sense.

But it is Saturday. The pool opens at 9 and while I like to get in the minute it opens, it's especially important on Saturdays because some Saturdays draw whackos and lane divas. People who make my swim difficult by getting in my way and bending the lane swimming rules to make it less fun for everyone.  I plan to swim my entire hour but am grateful if I can get in 30 minutes. I swim for fun. When it gets not fun - like dodging prima donnas - I get out.  So I'll get there when it opens and hope for the best.

And then brunch. I'm kind of blank on where today. Maybe back to Smith's. Maybe back to Witness. Maybe someplace different that I think of while I'm swimming. Maybe the Skillet.

My Twitter and Google Plus feeds are full of CES. If I were going this year, I'd be leaving on Monday morning and today and tomorrow I'd be packing and wallowing in anticipation. I have gone the past 4 years - 3 with my brother. I love the visit with my brother and Las Vegas and the gadgetry. It feels weird not to be going but it's my choice. I kind of intended to skip a year and go next year but maybe not going will be more better than I expected. This next week will tell the tale.

I have done a fabulous job of cleaning off my TiVo harddrive. On December 1 it was at 70% and now it's at 20%. I could get it down even more if I deleted the 10 Law&Order and 25 Big Bang Theory episodes I keep for emergencies.  This weekend I'll finish off Mozart in the Jungle and rewatch the last episode of Downton Abby and I'll be all ready for new shows.

I have a week and a half before the next bear delivery and I think I'm in pretty good shape numbers wise. I think I can do 15-18 a month and still have time for other knitting and crocheting projects. I think 15-18 is a respectable number.

Ok, now it's time to suit up and head out.
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