Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I may burn in hell... I may burn in this condo

I moved into this condo at the end of December 1991.  I had lived here a couple of years the first time the fire alarm went off. I grabbed my coat and shoes and purse and headed for the stairway. I got to the street and found my neighbors. I was not terribly chummy with any of them and that night they landed on me with claws out. "Don't you have cats????" "Where are your cats????"  "What if this is a real fire??!!!"

A couple of years later the fire alarm went off again one night when my Mother happened to be here. Again we go for the stairs and get outside and there are the neighbors. I pull Mom off to the side and explain about the cat attack probability.

The alarm goes off every couple of years for one reason or another.  I do not bother getting out the cat carriers and digging cats who are freaked by the alarm out from under beds or the backs of closets. I just ride out the noise until it stops.

Plus it takes them way too long to turn the elevators back on and then you have to fight the hoards to get one. I can no longer climb the stairs to get here even though I'm only on the 4th floor.

Tonight was another alarm night. It's fucking freezing out... heck, it's none too toasty in here!  I waited until I heard the fire engine. I checked the hallway for smoke. I cleaned up the kitchen until the noise stopped.  One day it may be a real fine and I may go out as a crispy critter.  Whatever.

The one time we really did have a raging - see the flames from across the street - fire in the building, the alarm didn't even go off.  It was a contained fire upstairs and on the other side and other end of the building but still....


Tonight I found another way to cast on the stitches for bear feet. All the thousands of these teddy bears I've made, I'm impressed I can still learn ways to make them better/easier to make!

My fancy yarn package go hung between FedEx Smart  Post and USPS so it didn't get here today which is fine. It will be here tomorrow or Monday. If it were a new gadget, I'd be chomping at the bit, but I can wait on the yarn. I need to get as many bears done as I can before I get distracted with different projects.
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