Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Nice start to the new year...

First of all, I had the most perfect sleep last night. I slept on my side with Zoey under the blanket curled up in my spoon bowl. I woke up once to pee about 3 am and then again at 5:59.

There were very few swimmers at the pool. There are two schools between my house and the pool. Getting there is rarely a problem, but I leave the pool usually about 7:45 and hit kid and car traffic at both. These past two weeks have been gloriously school traffic free. This morning there was so little of any kind of traffic, it was really nice.

Once home I discovered that Home Free (acapella group) will be here in concert the week of my birthday. $40 a ticket after more than $10 of taxes and fees (wtf?), but it's on a Sunday which is the best parking/traffic wise near the venue and I really want to see them, so... ok. I bought a ticket.

And when I went to email to double check the receipt, there were two new emails ... one was the receipt and the other was a notice from Amazon that my tablet had sold $225! Nice. It is all boxed up and ready so a trip to the Post Office this morning is now on the agenda.

I am totally ok with 2015 so far.

My yarn order should arrive today. This is the fine and fancy yarn I ordered last week. It's the first really good yarn I've bought in decades. It's for two projects. One an afghan and one a vest or something like that. The latter is really a pattern I found that is so complicated, I had to try it. It's for a shawl but I have no use for a shawl so I think, maybe, vest. We'll see.

Time now to hang up my suit and towel, get some breakfast and get this day started!
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