Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


While I was was watching TV last night, I kept getting this bright light in my eyes from outside. The stadium parking lot had extra lights and they were bright. I finally figured out they were safety lights for the party at the Exhibition Hall at the other end of the block. I was watching more of Mozart in the Jungle and then about 9:30, I went into the bedroom and listened to my book until just before 11 and went to sleep.

Yelling woke me up and then I heard a crowd counting down and cheers at midnight. I didn't even really wake all the way up. And then I slept until 7:30. Happy New Year!

I enjoy reading the journals about how people celebrated Christmas and New Years. I enjoy reading about them and I love being able to spend those holidays with just Zoey.

Today there will be no football in this house. Possibly a gigantic dose of HGTV but no football.

I like the round numberish of 2015. It finally feels to me like we are firmly in the 2000's. I spent 50 years in the 1990's so it was hard to 'git shed' of that.
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