Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I had a great time watching the water polo yesterday. It wasn't a real game but drills and scrimmage. Experts helping kids who looked to be junior and senior high school age. It was fascinating and fun.

And, I learned that my favorite life guard who's schedule has not meshed with mine in forever, will be doing the early morning swims starting next week! Fun.

This morning's swim was good. And that's it until Friday. I brought my Shuffle in to swap out for different music and for some podcasts. Time to mix it up.


My brother ended his agreement with the person who was kind of doing the social media for the shop and now I get to start doing his Twitter on Thursday. I can't wait to get my hands on it and do it right! Watching his twitter feed has been so frustrating what a lost opportunity. No more! I have a spreadsheet of about 40 tweets with hash tags and photos all ready to go. He's going to take my Tweets and copy and/or redo them for Facebook.


Yesterday afternoon, I got a comment to an entry that raised an issue that I feel strongly about - ad blockers. I'm agin 'em. I wrote an entry about it and why. Someone who is not on my friends list chimed in with comments that expressed less than kind differences of opinion non-constructively. So for the first time ever, I deleted an entry in my own journal. And people think LJ drama is dead! ha!

I'm happy to have respectful, funny, friendly comments - even those that express an opinion different than mine, but this journal is not a sub reddit where you can just say whatever shit you want. I thought about deleting just the comments but decided the whole entry was better off dead.


I'm having a heck of a time with the used Samsung 10" tablet I bought. I couldn't get the thing charged. I finally got it done and plan now to keep on it religiously. I toyed with returning it and/or selling it and buying a new one but, you know, the used one was cheap and it does everything I need. As long as it charges.

I got some very good suggestions and ideas from the Note 10.1 community on Google + so I think I have the fix. A cheap order from Amazon.


First up today is house clean. Or tidy up, really. I have a stack of envelopes on the dining table, USB cables strewn on the desk, books out here, stuff out there. I just need to go around and put everything away. I'm usually pretty tidy but the past couple of weeks, I've gotten slack. That needs a fix.


My new stove arrives in exactly one week and 30 minutes!
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