Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


When I left for the pool this morning, there were five - five - TV satellite trucks complete with 5 sets of bright lights all set up and ready for live shots. It was dark everywhere except the Century Link parking lot. When the stadium was first built in the early 2000's, the local phone company was Quest and they bought the stadium's name - Quest Field. When Century Link came along to buy out Quest, they tried to weasel out of the naming deal without success. I'll bet they are NOT sorry about that failure now!

It's still nearly dark when I come home from swims now, too but that won't last much longer. I like going and coming in the dark. It feels like I'm stealing a swim and getting away with something.

I finally made headway, I think, in giving the State of Washington back some money - or at least not taking any more. The state has been paying my Medicare bill - $300 a quarter - for a year. I have tried and tried to figure out how to get it stopped but it's automatic. The feds say there's nothing they can do. The state denies they are paying it. It stems from the 2 months between COBRA and Medicare. My income was listed incorrectly and I was unable to change it. Finally this morning I was able to change it. Now, we shall see if that makes a difference. Meanwhile no headway on the Social Security application. I'm not due to get $$ until March. I figure I'll give 'em a couple more weeks and then I'll call or just go in - the office is only about a half mile up the road.

But not today. Today is reserved for ... well, nothing really. Last night I started watching the Amazon show Mozart in the Jungle. I'm 2.5 episodes in and there are 10 available. Yumm!
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