Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Sunday - game day

The Seahawks are playing across the street today which means I'm not going anywhere until tomorrow. No problemo. I'm happy here and have what I need to eat and play. I can hear the Seahawkians out there now and I'm a good 40 feet from the closed door. I can't imagine there are many home games left. I think maybe one playoff game, if they win today.

I finished a very strange book last night. I rarely finish a book that isn't compelling to me. Life is too short and there is too much to read. But, I kept thinking this one was going to make sense. But, it never did. So tonight I'll start the latest Grisham novel. I'm ready for an easy. The Audible app now has voice controls. It's about time but it's still a rather lame implementation.

TiVo grabbed The Grand Budapest Hotel last night so that is on today's agenda.

Time now for brunch.
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