Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Yesterday was an adventure in the olden days. No broadband meant I was left to do a kind of dial up connection. I'd fire up a hot spot on the Fire Tablet or phone to look up stuff and check stuff. I got email and G+ and Twitter notifications on my phone.

It was a screamingly loud reminder of how internet dependent I am. My TiVo had stuff stored on it but I kept hitting options that required internet. When I got tired of TV, I turned on the radio... oops, it's an internet radio. I got several complaints that my web cam was down. I kept scrolling through Twitter to make sure I didn't miss any breaking news.

Since I had limited action it was better than being without electricity but still...

I was impressed by my new internet provider. Not by the outage but by the info. My emails asking for an update were responded to within minutes. When the outage hit 5 hours, I asked for an update and got a fast response from upper management. I did spend some time thinking about how it would have gone had it been Comcast with that kind of outage.

It did happen once a 7 hour outage. In August of 2011. I was still working at home and so could do no work. I could have gone somewhere else to work but I had been planning to go look at Smart Cars that next weekend and decided to go ahead and do that. So I did. And bought one.

So, at least yesterday, I didn't go out and spend $17,000.00.

Today there will be swimming, of course. And then brunch. I think today will be Smith. I haven't been there in a while. Their servings are too big but they are yummy.

No other big plans.

These cold mornings, when I get back into bed with my coffee and my computer, Zoey hops in and snuggles up between me and the computer. She so warm and soft and she makes it really really hard to get up. She's only got 7 more minutes this morning. Cat or no cat, I need to pour me into my swim suit and hit the road.
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