Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Splash and ahhhh

This morning's swim was just the best. The water seemed way more clear than it has been (probably my imagination) and it was just glorious to stretch out and move. I love being in the water.

It was also nice to have all my swim stuff thoroughly dried out. I need to adopt a new scheme for carting my swim stuff around so that it has a chance to completely dry out. I may just put together two duplicate kits and swap them off.

I got a lot of good knitting done yesterday and got TiVo well on the way to being backlog free. Still more work to do there. I could be down to the ten Law & Order episodes I keep for emergencies by the time good programming resumes after next week. I have some Amazon Prime shows to catch up on, too.

That's pretty much, I think, what will happen today. I'm not too interested in fighting the sale seeking masses and besides, I don't really have anywhere I particularly want or need to go. I'm good right here in my nice house with my warm kitty.
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