Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Misc joyous bits

My brother sent me a YouTube video this morning of a gadget working with an iphone that separates M&M's by color saying it reminds him of Mom.

Somehow/somewhere when I was a kid, I got it in my head that green M&M's were superior to all other M&M's. No clue of the origin. My family made great fun of me about it. But, every year, at Christmas, in my stocking was a gynormous bag of green M&M's. Year after year. Even when I stopped going home and my 'stocking' arrived in a shipped box.

My brother and sister got bags of equal size with a variety of brown, tan, yellow and red M&M's. Every year.

I now know all M&M's taste the same BUT, the green ones remind me of how amazingly wonderful it was that my Mom sat down, year after year and culled through giant bags of M&M's just for me. Thanks, Mom. And, by the way, my brother thanks you for the remainders.

My sister, one year, decades later, in all sincerity asked my Mom why the stocking M&M bags were always opened and taped shut. It was only when Mom told her that she realized she got no green ones. She was retroactively pissed. I still get joy out of that, too!


I put up my first web page in 1994. And it had a link to my home address and telephone number (both of which, by the way, were and still are, listed in the white pages of the telephone book - although finding one of those may be a bit problematic).

In the early years, fairly often I'd get email from one random guy or another warning me about the danger of publicizing my address. I finally added a note just above the information telling them not to bother.

Outside of those emails and the one time someone called the police to tell them there was a dead body in my condo unit, publicizing my address has brought me only very excellent things. In the early years, I used to get post cards from around the world. It was fabulous. More than a couple of times, I've gotten anonymous bouquets of flowers.

Today I went down to get the mail I forgot to get yesterday and there was a card from someone in Hungary! Zita actually had sent me an email last Summer about enjoying seeing me on my webcam. In today's card, she explain that she had read about the fun things the mail brings as a result of making my address public and she wanted to add to it all. Soooo Cool!

I was able to look her up on Google maps. It's just amazing to find the spot and then zoom out and out and out and out and watch the rest of the world surround the map pin and find out where in the world Zita is right now. And Google maps told me that while it's 10 am here, it's 7 pm there but we share exactly the same temperature outside right now.

I've said it before and I'll say it again and again, I LOVE living in the future.
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