Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


It's been many years since I've really done anything to mark Christmas. My friend, John, used to come every year and we tested new restaurants and old and went to movies and walked around town. He died nearly 10 years ago now.

For the past few years, I've been wrangled into going out to dinner on Christmas Eve with my neighbors Ron and Ann and then having Christmas dinner at their house. The food was good but the company was not and last December 25, I promised myself that I would revert back to just me for Christmas.

Then Ron died and Ann turned way more needy than I could handle and eventually got offended because of that so now we simply say hi when we occasionally pass in the hallway.

So it turned out to be easy to get my Christmas back. My plans are to clean off my TiVo harddrive. The pool is only closed for Thursday so there really won't even be much interruption of my every day which suits me just fine. There is much comfort in my routine. And then we'll do it all again, much the same way, next week.


I finally figured out an easy scheme for getting more out of my phone battery. It charges wirelessly so I can just plop it on the charger at home but when I go out, it was sucking the life out of the battery way too fast. My scheme isn't automated but at least I have a workable routine of what to turn off when I leave and what to turn back on when I get home. This has been a long term project so whew.


Swim today at 11 and a quick stop at the grocery for ice cream. I bought a pecan pie at Trader Joe's yesterday. It's not even close to the best - only barely good enough. It needs vanilla ice cream.
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