Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Yikes! And Merry Christmas to me

I just bought a fancy dancy induction oven.

I hope Electrolux makes better ovens than websites - this one sucks. But AJ Madison has fairly complete, fast loading info...

I have had my eye on such a beast for a long while now. I've had an induction burner sitting at top my regular stove for a couple of years now and rarely use the stove's real burners. I never pursued seriously because I assumed it would take more/different electricity that is powering the GE. And then a couple of weeks ago I read an article about this particular stove that implied it has the same electrical requirements but uses less juice overall. What? Really?

So finally, I dropped a note to my appliance man. Yep. I have an appliance man - well, store really. It's a small, locally owned shop about a half mile from here. I've been doing business with them for a while now. 1. Yep, he checked my very own stove model and it's a slide in/slide out no-electrician-needed-deal. And 2. I'm kind of justifying this as not going to CES this year so it needs to be well under what that trip costs. Turns out it's $2050 with a $100 rebate. WAY cheaper than my CES adventures have been.

I gave the store guy my credit card number and the first week in January will be stove swappin' time here!! Yeah!!!! Sometime between now and then I need to study the manual. Ohhhh won't Chef Anita be surprised...


I am reading the funnest book - Dear Committee Members. joyce you need to read this, too. I love a good epistolary novel but this one is the perfect example of how they should be done... and, did I mention it was hilarious?


I completely wiped out my Shuffle and reloaded it will all new swimming music. And gave it a good charge.


I replaced the lining on my new bed cover/blanket.


Nice Saturday here...
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