Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Here's hoping

It's a cold and rainy weekend before Christmas here. A weekend fraught with everything Seattlites love to complain about. My hope is that they do just that, stay home, under the covers whining. And eschew the pool today. My hope is that I can get in at least a half a mile before the lane divas and whackos descend and make enjoying my swim more of a slog. Saturdays are always such a crap shoot, pool wise speaking.

After my swim, I think it will be brunch - back to Witness mainly because no where else is striking my fancy just now and there's a QFC that has wonderful cole slaw across the street.

At home, my project is to replace the lining of my new blanket. Turns out the swag fleece blanket I used isn't as soft and wonderful as I had thought. I have another, better, softer, fleece blanket that I am going to use instead. So undo and redo. It will be totally worth it.

My other project is to replace all or most of the music on my Shuffle. It's time for a change.

My new/used tablet arrived. It's a Samsung 10 inch with smart stylus and I really like it. The operating system is a couple behind current so it's kind of an adventure to remember how to maneuver it. And I had to hook it up to a Windows machine to get a firmware upgrade, but it's way snappier than the one it replaced and it will be fun to draw on.
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