Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

waiting on the mail man

Last week I was thinking that I should stash this fish bed in a closet. Zoey never uses it. She pretty much hangs out on the bed in the front room and on her bed on top of the living room cupboard.

Then on Monday, I went to do it and lo and behold she was napping in it. And then again several times this week. And most of this morning. It got kicked around so it's facing the window and now she's stretched out in there watching the birds outside.

More closet space for me, I guess.

The latest yarn order and the new tablet are out for delivery by the post office today. Our post office schedule is erratic most of the year but this time of year, it's impossible to guess. He had already been here when I left for the pool on Tuesday at 10:30. Yesterday, he got here sometime after 6 pm. He leaves the packages out in the lobby. In the late afternoon the building manager collects them all and puts them in his new package cabinet which is a bitch to get into. So besides wanting my stuff NOW, I for sure want to get it before the building manager does.

So I'm going down and checking every 45 minutes or so. I take the stairs down and call it exercise.
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