Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Very random

A piece on NPR reminded me about the early days of cellphones when you paid by the minute. I'd totally forgotten about that scheme. You paid if you made a call BUT you also paid if someone called you - they paid and you paid... for the same minutes. Wonder why that didn't last long? Ha.

I remember lots of years ago - the first or second Project Runway. A local reporter tweeted the name of the winner just minutes after the broadcast announced it. The rest of us had recorded it to be viewed later. She was roundly taken to task. She tried to defend herself but was totally unsuccessful. She had fucked up and she suffered days of virtual rotten tomatoes being thrown her way.

A combination of fewer people watching TV and a greater number of those of us who do, watching in delay has made the spoiler a rarer beast.

BUT... the podcast Serial has come perilously closed to raring that beast up again. The final episode came out this morning and so far I have been able to tap dance around and avoid finding out what I don't want to know prematurely. However, I will be listening to it this morning so that I can enjoy what is written about it and not get info I don't want.

I need to make a grocery trip for just a few things. I could do it on the way to swimming but I want to test my lungs and these bad breathing 'spells' so I'm going to give it a try after I get out of the pool. Hopefully, it will be fine and dandy and I can go back to believing these 'spells' are random and rare. Yep, my zip code is denial.
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