Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This morning's swim was better than usual - easier and just better. But, when I got out, I had another breathing attack like the one last week at Fred Meyer's. Coughing and panting without being able to stop. I managed to shower and get home and then sat in the car for a bit rather than try the stairs, walk across the garage, and then the elevator before home. I used the time to clean out the glove compartment. By the time I got that done things were better enough to get home. When I got coffee and fired up the computer my eyes were so full of floaters that it was hard to read.

But, now, 45 minutes of sitting and doing nothing later. All is pretty much fixed. Breathing good, coughing gone, eyes fine. Wild. Maybe it's the cold weather/atmosphere. There is no fix or recovery from my lung issues. They will/are gradually get worse and worse. There's nothing to be gained by dwelling on the bad side. I'm just glad that once I can sit and be still, it gets better in under an hour.

And, there is nothing that I have to do today. Not a thing. I have plenty of things to entertain me while sitting. So all is excellent.

Plus I can save a bundle of cash by not doing the one non-sitting was thinking of doing. I need a new induction burner but... I've been thinking that maybe I'll just buy and induction stove. I had thought that my having an induction stove would require an electricity upgrade that might not even be possible but a few things I've read recently have led me to believe maybe I was wrong. The nice place a few blocks from here sells both the one I want and the brand I have so my plan is to waltz in there and ask if my current electrical set up will accommodate the stove I have my eye on. If the answer is yes, there is no telling what might happen. So not going in is the safest bet.

Between coupons and specials, I scored 72 K-cups of 8 o'clock coffee at a really good price. My parents drank 8 o'clock coffee from the A&P for years and years and years. I am sure this bears no resemblance past the name but I tried it this morning and, thankfully, it's very good. Bad coffee (or anything really) at a cheap price is not that good of a deal. This is a good deal.

Time now for cup #2 with breakfast and I'm thinking oatmeal this morning with some rye toast.
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