Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I spent my swim time redoing my budget. I like to do that - pick a topic and think it through without distraction. The budget didn't take the full hour but I got some good ideas on how best to get from here until March when my Social Security kicks in and how best to manage after. I want to draw as little as possible from my investments while still maintaining the gadget filled lifestyle I've come to love.

I did stop and get pizza from Poppa John's on the way home. I killed the afternoon really doing not much. I did get a new book started on my Kindle - Dear Committee Members... I've had it for a while but just now got to it.

I got two new calendars - one big and one small from my friend, Scott, in New Zealand. He sends them every year and I love it. They have beautiful pictures and a bascillion holidays. This year the larger one is tourist oddities throughout both islands. Like a giant fruit sculpture in Cromwell (South Island where Scott and Julie actually live). The smaller calendar is more geared to the seasons - Summer in our Winter, etc. Nice.

I also spent some time this afternoon with my latest podcast addition. Sawbones. The subject - medical history - is interesting but the couple who do it are just delightful to listen to. I only recently found it so I have a lot of back casts to enjoy.

Instead of my usual pepperoni pizza, today I got the steak and garlic one on the thin crust and man! was it delicious! The downside is that I nearly ate the whole damn thing. I intended that that $15 pizza would be two meals. Nope. Not happening. But very very good.
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