Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I had another work dream last night. Great job, great office. These work dreams just crack me up. They are never the same but they are always very positive experiences. I'm retired by day and have a fabulous work life at night. Cracks me up.

For the past few (4?) years I have gone to CES in Las Vegas the week after New Years. I spent a lot of December in active anticipation of the trip, the show and seeing my brother who joined me for three of the years. This year I decided to skip it. I figured by this time, I'd be in deep regret about my decision not to go. But, I'm not. All of my favorite TV shows come back that week and I'm looking forward to catching up on those instead!

Of course come January and all the CES coverage, I might fell differently.

I kind of think that maybe I might go next year. I have about 6-8 months to chew on it.

Today, it's swimming at 11 and then I think I might pick up a pizza for dinner. Those are the giant plans for today.
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