Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I remembered yesterday that I had planned to start giving out my Holiday/Amazon gift cards to the life guards this week. So I addressed and wrote notes on the ones for today and tomorrow. There are about 20 people who work at the pool when I swim. Different folks on different days. So every day this week, I'll be delivering the cards. It's so fun. It's not much. $15 cards. But the lifeguards and staff are so shocked and delighted. I did it last year. Mary and Brent - this morning's life guards - weren't on my schedule last year so they were amazed and tickled this morning. Fun.

I had a bit of a disagreement with the washing machine which involved my hauling sopping wet clothes down the hall and back and convincing washing machine that a good spin after a wash is such a thrill for me and for the clothes. It was a mess but, in the end, the machine agreed with me and the laundry got done.

I also had a fairly severe argument with my big tablet. I bought it used and I decided it was time to send it on. I listed it with Amazon. The current market for this tablet used is about $10 more than I paid for mine. I'm sure it will sell in the next week or so. And I will replace it with one I've had my eye on. I found a used one for about $10 more than the price I'm selling the current one for. All in all, very satisfactory deal.

Today is bear delivery. To the new place. I'm not exactly sure where it is but Google will find it. The old place had a strict delivery window of 9-noon Monday-Friday. Jeannie (the Baby Bank lady) says she'll keep the same hours but, apparently, there's a guard/monitor for the building who will take in stuff in the afternoons as well which will be very handy. Today, however, I'm going to get there about 10ish. The bears are packed and ready.

Also I need gas.

So... comparatively speaking... BIG Monday here. hehehe
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